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"Nizhny Novgorod Regional Children's Hospital"

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Nizhny Novgorod Regional Children's Hospital, founded in 1953, is a large multi-field centre for paediatric health care composed of an 800-bed hospital and a Diagnostic Consultative Centre (DCC). The Children's inpatient departments record up to 15,000 admissions annually. About 300,000 children are seen at the DCC each year.

The inpatient services include 17 therapeutics and surgical departments and units, a resuscitation/intensive care department, a neonatal intensive care unit, a hyperbaric oxygenation unit and a physiotherapy department. The hospital is also home to Interregional Haematology and Oncology Centres.

The hospital's Clinicodiagnostic Department includes clinical, biochemical, immunological, bacteriological, allergoimmunological and express laboratories, all equipped with up-to-date facilities and reagents. Consultative services provided by professors and assistant professors from the Nizhny Novgorod Medical Academy, are available at the Children's, which is also a teaching hospital where interns and registrars are trained.

As a major paediatric referral centre, the Children's DCC is well known in many other regions of the Russian Federation for its highest quality diagnostic services. The DCC is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities and staffed by specialists trained at major hospitals in Moscow, St.Petersburg or abroad. The DCC includes the Consulting Division, an eye health room, a surdology (hearing disorders & deafness) room and an allergy room.

A variety of examinations are performed in the DCC's Diagnostic Imaging Department including radiography (X-ray), sonography, thermal imaging, endoscopy and computed tomography (CT).

The Department of Functional Diagnosis includes divisions for evaluation of cardiovascular and nervous systems functions.

The DCC also houses a medical genetics laboratory for diagnosing and preventing hereditary diseases. The DCC also conducts such programs as Asthma Centre, Epilepsy Centre and Regional Children's Telemedicine Centre.

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