The project SONO-2000

The project SONO-2000 is a result of ten years'doctors experience in Nizhniy Novgorod Advisory center of regional children's hospital, branch of ultrasonic diagnostics, is created with application of new computer technologies for the daily professional help to the doctors of ultrasonic diagnostics.

The project consists of two consecutive stages including the edition of the book - atlas " Clinical ultrasonic diagnostics at children and the teenagers ", containing more 500 superfine echograms of various bodies with the detailed description and web-page devoted to problems of ultrasonic diagnostics, about the Internet by the version of the atlas.

The atlas surveys a wide spectrum of application for this method in liver, gallbladder, pancreas, lien, bodies of retroperitoneal space, bodies of a small basin, brain newborn, thyroid gland, thymus gland, eyeglobe research.

The submitted material is posed under the certain circuit and surveys variants of an echographic picture of the not changed and changed bodies from frequently meeting up to infrequent, single instances. All images placed in the atlas are received on scanner of model SSD-630 of firm "ALOKA" and completely verifiable.

The atlas is designed as on beginning, and experienced doctors of ultrasonic diagnostics, doctors the pediatrists and the students of medical institutes can use it as help and manual.